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SGMP Rocky Mountain Chapter Membership Spotlight

  1. Name: Lisa Maney
  1. Company you work for: Visit Cheyenne
  1. Married/Single or significant other status and any info you’d like to share: Married for 29 years to an amazing man, Shawn.
  1. Children and/or pets or both: 3 dogs.  The good, the bad and the crazy.
  2. A little bit about where you grew up: I grew up on a small ranch in northern Wyoming where I learned to drive at a ridiculously young age.  Along with daily chores I was blessed to work outside everyday with animals and some pretty fantastic people.
  1. Favorite vacation spot: Anyplace there is water.
  1. Thoughts regarding the industry: One of my favorite industry quotes:  Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of an intelligent effort.  By John Ruskin
  1. What makes you happy? Beverage with bubbles…or wine, sunshine, positive people and achieving goals.
  2.  What do you like about SGMP?  The connections and friends I’ve made.  I’ve had the honor of being part of a group that is kind, giving and full of brilliant minds.