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Members that are involved in committees often say that they receive more ROI from their involvement than those who are not involved.  Our chapter highly encourages all members to sign up for at least one committee.  Often the time commitment to belong to a committee is far less than perceived.  Meetings are held as determined by the Committee Chair on an as-needed basis. Please click on the name of the Board Liaison or Chair to email the committee and get involved!  If the position you’re interested in is vacant please email sgmprmc@gmail.com.  We look forward to working with you!

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Communications Committee

Communication oversees all communication for the chapter.  This includes the newsletter, social media and website.
Board Liaison: Patricia Williams, CAE, CGMP
email: patricia@majorcitieschiefs.com

Website:  Maintain and updates the Chapter’s website.
Chair: Pam Brown, CGMP
email: Pamela Brown@marriott.com

Newsletter:  Publishes the Chapter newsletter Mountain Views quarterly
Pam Brown, CGMP
email: Pamela Brown@marriott.com

History: Maintains/updates the Chapter’s history document and collects memorabilia of all chapter activities.
Chair: Leslie Navarro
email: leslienavarro@hilakewood.com

Remote Education:  This committee will oversee the Zoom account and connecting with our members who are remoting into the monthly meeting.
Chair: Lynette Schick, CMP
email: li_schick@hotmail.com

Social Media: Promotes SGMP on all social media outlets.
Pam Brown, CGMP
email: Pamela Brown@marriott.com

Ambassador Program: Increase membership of the chapter and educates the government planners regarding the benefits of being a member of SGMP.
Chair:  Vacant

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee includes the membership, mentorship, and hospitality committees
Board Liaison: Stephanie Scharfenberg
email: stephanie.scharfenberg@atiumhospitality.com

Hospitality:  Manages registration as well as greeting members and guest at the monthly chapter meetings.
Chair: Vacant

Mentorship:  Help members seek the knowledge they need to know about SGMP and “groom” them to become future leaders of the chapter.  Assigns mentors to all new SGMP members.
Chair:  Vacant

Community Service Committee: The Committee recommends, with board approval, community projects in which to involve the chapter. Projects may include: fundraising through member participation, collecting canned goods, clothing, school supplies, monies and other items for non-profit organizations and volunteering to staff community service events.
Chair: Sheila Zuschek, CGMP
email: Sheila.zuschek@ca10.uscourts.gov

Nominations and Elections Committee

The Immediate Past President or a Chapter member approved by the Board chairs this Committee. Responsibilities include preparing nomination forms for election of Chapter officers, soliciting nominations for Board positions, evaluating nominations for qualifications, and working with SGMP Headquarters on process.
Board Liaison: Pam Temple, CGMP
email: pamela.temple@state.co.us

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Programming oversees monthly programs, Fall Education, Honors and Awards Gala.
Board Liaison: Vacant

Monthly Programs:  Schedules monthly Chapter education programs, finds speakers, obtains education credit from National, sends out monthly surveys.
Chair:  Vacant

Honors & Awards Gala:  Plans the annual Honors and Awards Gala, solicits nominations for the “Outstanding” chapter awards.
Chair:  Leslie Navarro
email: leslienavarro@hilakewood.com

Fall Education Conference: Plans and organizes the chapter’s annual education conference held in October.
Chair: Pam Temple, CGMP
email: pamela.temple@state.co.us 

Financial Committee

This committee is responsible for assisting the Treasurer in overseeing the finances of the Chapter.
Board Liaison: Deseri Martinez
email: deseri.martinez@state.co.us

Fund Raising: This committee plans special activities to raise funds.  the two main activities are the door prize drawings and the silent auctions held at the gala and fall education conference: however, the committee is free to come up with other activities  to fund raise.  This committee sells ads in the newsletter as well as on the website.
Chair: Deseri Martinez
Advertising: Deseri Martinez
Fundraising: Deseri Martinez

Scholarships: The committee oversees the chapter’s scholarship process from announcing the scholarship opportunities to the final selection.
Chair:  Stephanie Scharfenberg
email: stephanie.schrfendberg@atiumhospitality.com


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