An “individual” membership is paid for (and belongs to) the individual and remains with that individual regardless of their place of employment; it is not transferable to another individual. Planner and Associate Supplier memberships are generally individual memberships.

An “organizational” membership is paid for (and belongs to) the company/agency employing the individual and remains with that organization; the organization may transfer it to another individual. Supplier memberships are generally organizational memberships.

An organizational membership may be transferred for free when that membership is being renewed. Please note that due to PCI compliance, the preferred method of submission is postal mail.

To Transfer a Membership:

Click on the following link:

At the bottom of this page is a link to the form that needs to be completed and sent to SGMP National Offices along with a $25.00 Membership Transfer Fee.

Print Transfer Form and mail with credit card information or a $25.00 check made out to SGMP.
Mail form to:
Membership & Communications Manager
5746 Union Mill Rood #148
Clifton, VA  20124

For questions on membership transfers, please contact:
Phone: 703-549-0892

All membership transfers take place through the SGMP National Offices. Rocky Mountain Chapter reports and distribution lists are updated monthly from their roster.